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Before and after: the colorful transformation of the A.P. Gaydar Palace of Creativity for Children and Youth by NAYADA

23 / 01 / 2018

The A.P. Gaydar Palace of Creativity for Children and Youth was founded in 1936, and today is a multi-disciplinary educational institution for continuing education. Here you can learn to dance, sing, draw, compose and act, play musical instruments, do airplane modeling, play chess and football (soccer), become a real master of martial arts, a tourist and a nature lover

More recently, a new space has appeared here – the "IT-range", intended for conducting educational programs of a technical orientation. Its equipment corresponds to the modern level of world technologies – the entire space can be completely transformed, thanks to the NAYADA-SmartWall sliding partitions.

Before / After:

Space management allows creating premises for various types of events – from individual classes in small groups, to large events for one hundred people.

The polygon includes zones for robotics and mechatronics, computer technology and microprocessor systems, 3D modeling, visualization and prototyping, programming, local area networks and information security. There is also a zone for individual work, project teams and personal interaction.

To separate all these directions, the NAYADA SmartWall H5 convertible partitions were installed. Another feature of the whole project was the colorfulness of the wall-transformers – each zone has its own bright color. Every time that they come to classes, the children see red, yellow, blue, green and other walls – which stimulate activity and creativity.    

The height of the partitions reaches almost three meters. They also have doors installed in all areas. All the walls can be moved, and on some of them, you can write with a marker. Wires and cables are safely hidden in niches, and although they are not visible, they are always at hand.