05 / 05 / 2016

The NAYADA Company and the DORMA, the global market leader in door controls, fittings for windows, and sliding walls, as well as accessories for them, are continuing their strategic partnership, the joint offering of modern door solutions.

Now, available for all NAYADA doors are access control devices without cables – the XS Cylinder Pro, embedded in the locking cylinders, and that work with admission and impulse key cards. This device can be installed, including after door installation, if a eurocylinder is used. Samples can be seen in the NAYADA showroom.

Photo NAYADA Doors with an access control device, without DORMA cable

The concepts of modern office interiors are designed to create a comfortable atmosphere for all employees, which implies not only the widespread use of glass for isolation and spatial perspective, but also creating a sense of security and safety in the working environment. Here one cannot avoid using compact assistants – electronic cylinders, which replace keys and master systems.

The XS Pro electronic cylinder is a specially made eurocylinder that comes in standard sizes, with attached reader modules in the form of handles or knobs, powered by batteries.

Upon the authorization of admission, the XS Cylinder Pro LED light turns green and the cylinder is activated, thus allowing it to rotate, just as you would rotate a key to unlock a door or another barrier. Upon authorization of admission being denied, the LED light turns red and the XS Cylinder Pro remains de-activated, and the door or another barrier remains blocked.

XS Cylinder Pro meets various requirements:

• One-way access control (CD), for example, for office doors;

• Two-way transmission mode (BS), for example, in hallways;

• Security doors that open from one side (HC), such as barriers and garages;

• Security glass doors (GL).

Photo NAYADA Doors with an access control device, without DORMA cable