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Impressive design of the Quadro production partitions and doors: NAYADA for the Amaks office

21 / 08 / 2018

The NAYADA-Quadro interior partitions create the office space of the Amaks company. Notwithstanding that we used standard production structures, the office interior got graphical, modern and well-recognizable appearance.

The architects mastered to turn structural details of the NAYADA-Quadro partitions into advantages combining massive bearing profiles with thin decorative planted moldings. As a result, an intricate baffle design does not interfere with a visual lightness of the total structure.

Glass partitions are used in the office both individually and in combination with classic fixed dry walls, that gave the opportunity to diversify wall decoration and create different functional zones.

The partitions were mounted together with the NAYADA-Quadro glazed doors specially developed for this series. Arrangement of decorative baffles on the door leaf complies with the wall framing and supports the total design of the room.