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Eco-style and deconstructivism for inspiration: Office for an IT company in Rostov-on-Don

27 / 03 / 2018

Orientation to a quality atmosphere, the opportunity to relax and get inspired to perform fruitful work, was the basis for creating an office for an IT company in Rostov-on-Don. Project architect Alexey Varshavsky.

The interior of the office is eclectic, executed in the modern spirit, with elements of eco-style and deconstruction, in a restrained color scheme with designation of individual accents. The main idea behind all the planning solutions was the functional division of the room groups into several premises that flow into each other – the entrance zone, the waiting/rest zone with soft furniture, and a working hall with exits from the offices and meeting rooms. All the main premises are zoned with NAYADA high glass partitions and doors.

The design project was based on the company's core values – commitment to global development processes and creating a comfortable environment for employees. The initial task was not only to adapt complex planning solutions to the needs of the company, but also to create within the office a space that could inspire fruitful work. At the same time, one of the requests of the customer was the maximum detuning from the loft-style – no open communications, brickwork, and other elements of the industrial building). The color scheme of the common zones consists of three primary colors – "gray asphalt", light woody shade, and green accents, made in the form of vertical gardening and individual elements.

In view of the limited area, the creation of an open space zone was not practical, and the architects decided to leave the existing office layout. The private office for the chief executive and the offices for leading employees are separated, while all the rest are located in the open space of the hall, divided into several dead-end sectors.

The project used a combination of NAYADA-Standart and Crystal systems with film matting. In the constructions various glass was – for example, standard filling at the ceiling, tempered glass at the bottom, along with full-glass sliding doors. In addition, 4.5-meter high glass partitions added visual volume to the premises.

A bar counter and a soft zone on the mezzanine were organized for recreation, while the staircase to the mezzanine was combined with a small amphitheater with a projector and a sliding screen. The decorations of walls and ceiling solutions were aimed at hiding the shortcomings of the premises (bulging columns and communications).