First projects of the year: overview of NAYADA’s Moscow projects

27 / 02 / 2014

In just the first two months of this year, NAYADA has completed more than 200 projects in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast.

Together with architect Sergey Rezin, NAYADA implemented the new office project of Kim-Energo, the official partner of well-known international manufacturers of equipment and materials for water purification and heating. The project continues developing, as the company plans to improve and expand its office. NAYADA has managed to perform the express order within a few days. NAYADA-Standart partitions with black profile and frosted glass were installed in the office.

Entrance area office of the Logeksim Transport Company is now decorated with the «reception» stand, made by the LEPOTA Design Furniture Factory. The combination of glass and wood, laconic shapes of the stand are in harmony with the overall interior of the premises and allow drawing attention to the bright red logo of the company.

Photo First projects of the year: overview of NAYADA’s Moscow projects

For the design of offices of senior officials at the MosStroyKanalBank premises, NAYADA-Twin partitions of brown color with horizontal blinds were installed. Elegant details of the interior are Intero steel doors on a wide profile.

In the office of the State Transport Leasing Company, NAYADA zoned the space of offices for managers using NAYADA-Standart partitions. An Intero door is mounted into the partition. The design is decorated with a stenciled film.

In one of the largest private medical companies in Russia — Medi Clinics System, NAYADA partitions are used to decorate the chief doctor’s office. As the best planning solution, the NAYADA-Standart system with a rolling stained glass door was chosen.

NAYADA continues to cooperate with Agrosoyuz Bank — about 50 additional offices were opened in the Moscow Oblast, as well as in the Tula and Yaroslavl Oblasts. For new bank branches, NAYADA is helping arrange the business stands and workplaces of employees. Workspaces are arranged using the Optima+ mobile partitions system. All branches of Agrosoyuz are made in the same corporate style and color layout.

Recently, Service-Invest has moved to a new office in the Ochakovo BC. Directors of the company themselves were the designers. For arranging office space, NAYADA solutions were chosen. A reception stand is installed at the entrance. Work zones are formed by NAYADA-Crystal and NAYADA-Standart partitions. In the offices of management, fixed partitions with hinged panels of NAYADA-Regina Line were installed.

NAYADA has fulfilled an express order for Italian designers of the Architects Per Engineering Group, which recently opened its temporary office within the framework of construction of the Wodny Multifunctional Complex. Within three days, the office was equipped with the NAYADA-Standart partitions system. Workplaces are equipped with NAYADA Optima+ mobile partitions. Another urgent order was for the new office of the Grifon Wholesale Company. Within just two working days, NAYADA arranged a workroom with NAYADA-Standart fixed partition with matt film.

Executive office of the head of Stroymaster-M Construction Company was decorated with NAYADA-Crystal full glass partition, and was installed within the shortest possible time as well.

Crystal NAYADA full glass doors were installed at the factory of the world famous company LG, located in Dorohovo.

Collaboration continues with the well-known pharmaceutical company Nearmedic Plus. In connection with the expansion of the staff, the office has acquired additional premises with an area of 1,000 sq. m. The new part of the office is currently under construction. NAYADA has installed the central element — the reception stand and NAYADA-Standart system partitions.

A subsidiary of the German concern KWS, one of the world leaders in breeding and production of crop seeds, has arranged a new premises in its Moscow office. Workplaces were created with the help of the NAYADA Optima+ mobile partitions. Slim doors with narrow 23 mm profile are installed in the office.