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French stylishness and office elegance: NAYADA for the Servier office interior

25 / 04 / 2017

NAYADA contributed to design of the office of the French pharmaceuticals company Servier. ABD Architects experts managed to reflect a French touch in the interior that was important for the client and found a balance between vibrant French interiors and modern minimalist office spaces.

The office features severe and elegant lines created through black partitions, warm light wood, sparkling glass elements, patterned carpet flooring in noble raspberry-red tones, and other decorations. All the interior elements were selected to fit the working environment.

Working space is not designed like a typical open space. It features extremely smart sectioned zones.

The office provides for a conference room which can be totally reorganized due to NAYADA-SmartWall acoustic operable partitions that allows fast adaptation of the room for the company’s existing needs. The partitions are produced with magnet and marker applicable finish that allows their use in the capacity of a white board.

Teamwork is facilitated with the arrangement of small meeting rooms with a capacity of 2 to 4 people. Private cabinets are also available. All three floors of the office are equipped with NAYADA-Twin partition systems covered with milky film to divide the space. All rooms are provided with necessary equipment and are fully sound-insulated that allows conference calls without interruption of other colleagues’ work. Additional acoustic insulation has been achieved through NAYADA-Magic doors installed into the partitions.

The office also demonstrates remarkable details of the French touch concept, such as false fireplaces mounted into bookstacks. Fireplaces feature additional illumination and green plants instead of fire. A large florarium animates the space between the communication zone and a coffee point.

Specific attention has been paid to compliance with corporate requirements applicable to utility systems, IT equipment, acoustic, environmental and energy-efficiency properties of all the materials applied during construction and finishing. Most finishing materials and lighting equipment were produced in Russia.