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Futuristic patterns and shiny accents: NAYADA for the dental center interior

29 / 06 / 2017

NAYADA products created pompous accents in the dental center interior which has been realized based on the project developed by Kivaso studio architects. During decoration of the interior the architects were inspired by creations of the greatest female architect in the world Zaha Hadid. Basic forms and space elements recall her futuristic works.

The interior features a lot of white elements. This is particularly important for the clinic where room cleanliness should be emphasized. The best efforts taken by the architects and practice applied by NAYADA experts allowed to avoid feeling of hospital environment and create light, comfortable and modern rooms.

Near the entrance the attention is attracted to the dramatic snow-white NAYADA-Reception stand having angled layers. Monochromic design and dynamic forms perfectly support the entire space style in combination with polygonal lines, built-in fixtures and glossy wall structures.

Corridor often is the most complicated part of the interior to design. The grand style heavily achieved by the architects at the point of entrance may be easily lost here.
With the understanding of this issue, the architects applied the following effective design solution: they decided to interchange white glossy surfaces with NAYADA-Intero glass partitions in the corridors of the dental center. Polished surfaces repeatedly reflect design fixtures, interchange of panels penetrates smooth walls and decoration of the glasses with cut matt films visually widens the corridors and dramatically deepens the space.

NAYADA-Intero doors add final accent to the room design. They vary partitions facades without dying away, and high-quality accessories (particularly, matt door handles) make pleasant sensation when visiting the dental center cabinets.