My Global Self and LEPOTA furniture in Moscow museum of modern art.

29 / 05 / 2012

From May 25th to June 17th the Moscow Museum of Modern Art holds an exhibition called My Global Self presented by a Brazilian artist Jay Janer. This is his first exhibition in Russia, which contains more than 30 works from two series: portraits and abstractions. Furniture produced by NAYADA company under LEPOTA brand perfectly fir into the exposition. It ideally matched artist's expressive painting and created comfortable atmosphere in museum halls.

The duality of Jay Janer's art is reflected in two mail themes of his paintings – life observation and its perception. These are processes run by his Global Self, which appeared in its endless journeys. It doesn't have definite form or symbols, but it can be seen in all of his works, for instance in his abstractions «Entering», «Body Motion») as well as in portraits «Mema Swimming», «Dogs», «Claudio». It shows itself as a recollections of molted lava, primeval seas, routes of the world tree, which interwine in an abstract pattern or form a recognizable face. What is it? Moments taken from the childhood of Brazil or recollections about Chinese landscapes with fantastic cliffs visible through the mist and a fragile twig hanging above the abyss?

Jay Janer is a true cosmopolite: his subconscious mind constantly reflects the pressure of the global information stream and at the same time it is connected to the environment. He paints his visions on the inner material, but water, fire, earth, air described by ancient philosophies of all cultures on all continents and the the elements from which the Book of Genesis is started are distinctly incarnated in the painting of this international European with his ever expanding Self. Jay freely and elegantly deals with paint flowing from the brush or sponge and colorful batter squeezed from the tubes, like a designer or a sculptor. Plastic masses of any compound also come natural to him.

The idea of the whole exposition lies in organizing space on the basis of the interaction of the imaginary aspect and the real objective world. For instance, the central part of the main exposition hall is taken by a monumental block – the ARCHITECT table. Deep luster of the table surface allows it to dissolve in space, reflecting the sign «My Global Self» and creating a unique atmosphere of magic in the hall.

The exposition is held in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, on Gogolevsky blvd, 10 (Kropotkinskaya station). Telephone: +7 (495) 231-3660, working hours: Mon-Sun, 12:00-20:00 (ticket office open till 19:15). Every Thursday: 13.00 to 21.00 (ticket office open till 20.15). The third Monday of every month - day off.