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Gloss and Light: NAYADA’s Large-Scale Glazing Project at Novion Business Centre, Radisson Blu Olympiyskiy Complex

26 / 11 / 2018

NAYADA participated in designing the atrium of the Novion Business Centre at the Radisson Blu Olympiyskiy Hotel Complex. The business centre commands the class A rank in its every feature, including the modern architectural design, the ergonomic interiors by SCG London, the varied office block solutions and so on.

The scope of operation was really impressive! The glazing installations in the atrium spanned eight floors to a total scope of 2,050 sq. m.; besides, NAYADA rendered a glass ceiling of 225 sq.m.

Due to safety and security considerations, the project team decided to employ the Clear Vision heat-strengthened triplex. The silk-screening technique was used to lend the appropriate colour to the triplex material. The glazing is installed with the use of all-glass triplex ribs with spider systems. From the inner side, the glass ribs are connected together by a railing made of wood. Black firestop sealant was used to eliminate technical gaps between the glass parts, which also improved the aesthetic impression of the structure. The floor cutoff solution was also implemented with high excellence, in full compliance with all fire safety and technical safety standards. The respective capacities were further proved in an independent structural test, which showed 120 minutes of fire resistance.

NAYADA enlisted the Italian partner factory, MASIERO, to exclusively design and supply two decorative chandeliers for the glass atrium. The work was accomplished in shortest time possible (overall, it took approximately three months to complete the design, production and delivery).The chandelier is made of 80 cubes of alternating height of one and a half meters or more. The first chandelier is placed above the third floor level as an extravagant highlight to catch the attention of the visitors in the restaurant’s lounge zone.

The second chandelier at the eighth floor serves for the general illumination of the atrium. The abundance of glazing makes for multiple reflections of the chandelier and illumination it provides.

The chandeliers appear especially remarkable as an ensemble and by night.