HUFCOR creates markets for product distribution

11 / 10 / 2010
HUFCOR creates markets for product distribution

Raising competitiveness between producers in modern economic environment makes companies look for new opportunities for business expansion. Every organization solves such problems according to the overall strategy of development, by choosing the most effective ways. Some companies offer new kinds of services, others try to enter new markets or even create them, like the global leader in the field of mobile partitions production HUFCOR. The company offers its clients accompanying services, which in the long run turn into the major source of new orders.

In the USA HUFCOR company offered its clients a new solution: situational tactical training centers with transformable interior intended for firemen, law-enforcement agencies, and rescue services, etc. Unlike standard training centers, the new centers allow to vary configuration of rooms in one building. It allows to achieve maximum return. Right now the company receives orders for a range of works on turnkey construction of such centers.

As an example, in France HUFCOR offered a brilliant solution in order to deal with long lines in crematoria. With the help of HUFCOR sliding acoustic systems the area is divided into separate isolated rooms, in which people awaiting for their turn in a line can simultaneously come through farewell ceremonies. HUFCOR has discovered a new segment of the market, in which competition is so far not so high. Another smart market solution offered by HUFCOR is unfortunately not obvious to every one. In one famous foreign agency specializing in cosmic space research for the first time in history 60 meter-high sliding partitions by HUFCOR have been installed. These are the the highest partitions to date. The previous record was registered in 1999 when the company installed 17 meter-high partitions in the Center of International Trade in Seoul.

HUFCOR's non-standard marketing solutions open the most unexpected opportunities of gaining profit and confirms the status of the global leader in the field of sliding acoustic systems production. In the process of its activity NAYADA-Hufcor company follows the experience of the world leader in the field of sliding partitions production. Producing companies from the whole world can use engineering developments of HUFCOR company and its licensees.