I Saloni WorldWide Moscow organizers choose NAYADA's products

30 / 09 / 2010

The annual I Saloni WorldWide Moscow Expo will be held in Moscow on October 6 -9, 2010. The show has been acknowledged as the main event in the industry of interior design. SaloneSatellite held during the event gives an opportunity to tale a look at the best examples of interior items, which embody the most progressive ideas of modern design. Out of vast number of works presented at the exhibition the organizers have selected 32 items, which will be demonstrated at the expo. 3 of them are produced by NAYADA.

This is a «сell-za-table» developed by ManGo.LAB design studio and produced by NAYADA this year. The concept of a Lunch Outdoors table was developed by designer Anna Smurygina, and the Stripess chair was created by NAYADA together with a student of the British Higher School of Art and Design Stephanie Romanovskaya. All these products combine functionality and style, laconic forms and deep emotion. They allow to take a fresh look at common things. For several years in a row NAYADA's products have taken part in SaloneSatellite WorldWide Moscow and have been selected as one of the best samples of modern design by the jury. AllInWall storage system created by Karina Yeganyan developed on NAYADA's request was announced the winner in 2008 and was awarded at RedDot Design Concept 2008. In 2009 professional designers and producers of high-quality furniture expressed a high opinion on laconic design of Forest storage system created by NAYADA together with Anna Smurygina.

Photo I Saloni WorldWide Moscow organizers choose NAYADA's products
Photo I Saloni WorldWide Moscow organizers choose NAYADA's products

Anticipating clients' wishes NAYADA makes its best to offer new products and solutions for realizing even the most incredible creative ideas. And the interest of the organizers of the most advanced event in the world of interior design is a vivid demonstration of this approach.