Immaculate office with NAYADA-Crystal

16 / 07 / 2013

NAYADA implemented the idea of the architect Elena Korotkova in the arrangement of the offices of one of the largest telecommunications providers — Mastertel.

Mastertel seeks not only to develop the technological potential of the country, but also to preserve its cultural heritage. A free Telephone Museum, which brought together Europe’s largest collection of rare telephones and accessories, is located in the offices. Therefore, one of the main objectives in the design development of the office space was the creation of the correlation with the museum, while reflecting the principles of the company — modernity, technology, and openness to the future. The main components of the interior design became glass, stone and wood. The general concept of the project is incorporated in the slogan «depth, clarity, reality».

Photo Immaculate office with NAYADA-Crystal

The new office in St. Petersburg is located in premises with shortages of natural lighting. In addition, the changeable weather conditions dictate the need for a special space design, which would enhance the overall room lighting.

The ideal solution was to use the NAYADA-Crystal light partitions. Thanks to the all-glass structures, it was possible to maintain the effect of a single space and achieve better lighting. The glass partitions emphasize the lightness, transparency and modernity of the company. To increase the sound insulation, we applied the special between-glass profile.

Photo Immaculate office with NAYADA-Crystal

NAYADA-Crystal was chosen also due to its safety. Made of hardened safety 8 and 10 mm thick glass, the partitions ensure reliability and quality.

In addition to the elegant partitions, six doors with clamping frames, which improve sound insulation properties of the structure, were also installed.

Photo Immaculate office with NAYADA-Crystal

«Openness of the customer to new ideas, his support of out-of-the-box solutions and the perception of the proposed concepts gave us the opportunity to bring to life this interior, which set the tone of lightness and modernity to the working process — and also to realize the idea of connection of times,» commented Elena Korotkova.

The result of using partitions by NAYADA was the maximization of functionality of the space, while preserving the author’s ideas. Thanks to this, a concise and laconic office was created, emphasizing the purity of the visual environment and the convenience of the working process.