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Innovation combined with comfort and eco-motifs: NAYADA for the new Yandex office

13 / 05 / 2015

NAYADA took part in creating the interior of a new office for the Yandex Company. This is the third project NAYADA has worked on for this Russian IT-company, just in Moscow. Retaining the recognizable style of earlier constructed buildings, the designers from the Atrium Workshop managed to combine in the new Yandex office a homely atmosphere with the innovative spirit of the company.

NAYADA partitions and doors were installed in workrooms, meeting rooms and private offices for the executives located on all five floors of the office building. The essence of the planning concept – was to implement block-forms in the meeting rooms, wardrobes, kitchens, and bathrooms in the depths of each floor, and workstations – at the bright-sunny perimeters. The novelty in this office was an emphasis on the navigation component. Each floor has been assigned its own color – and as a result, any employee can now make an appointment with a colleague, and easily explain the venue – by describing the destination floor by its color and the kitchen or meeting room by the unique decorations found in each.

For the meeting rooms, the architects provided glass partitions in complex trapezoidal shapes. This solution was made possible with the help of NAYADA-Standart partitions.

An interesting solution in this design was the unusual round windows in the meeting rooms.

"Work on the color block-forms was very interesting – a great many interesting combinations, requiring careful technical development, for example, the insertion of round windows into a curved surface. In addition, it was important that the surrounding area had a certain flow, a view, and therefore all the required functional separation was made using all-glass partitions of the NAYADA-Crystal system,” - commented Tatiana Matvienko, chief architect of the project.

The ecology theme plays a significant role in the interior of the office – used were various types of finishes made from real wood and other natural materials, plants are placed everywhere, and there is even a solid “green wall”. The eco theme has been harmoniously combined with modern finishes such as glass.

A unique feature of this new office is the high ceilings – and so the partitions had to be nearly four meters high. The customer wanted to make the maximum use of this height, in order to create an airy and transparent environment. Another very important task was to provide a high level of sound insulation. To solve this problem, NAYADA experts used the all-glass partitions of the NAYADA-Crystal system, which have glass that is 12 mm thick, and special connectors were used between the glass panes, which eventually provided the desired level of stiffness. In addition, transparent polycarbonate profiles were placed between the panes, thus ensuring the necessary level of insulation.

About one hundred NAYADA doors were installed in this project. Many doors are equipped with drop-down thresholds to improve sound insulation, as well as access control systems.