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Innovation for patient care: NAYADA for Ipsen Farma office

20 / 03 / 2018

NAYADA participated in the design of the Moscow office of the French pharmaceutical company Ipsen Farma. The company specializes in the creation of innovative drugs for the treatment of targeted diseases that cause disability. Following the motto "Innovation for patient care" – the new office ensures comfortable working conditions for all employees, thus demonstrating how to properly implement a modern design with the use of high-quality materials. The architects of the project were from Plusarch.

The creation of additional office space was made necessary by the expansion of staff. In advance, the customer created a plan for all possible changes that the architects should take into account at the design stage. In particular, an open space with a minimum number of offices needed to be created.

As a basis for the interior concept, the architects took the theme “Paris and Moscow”, in which the company's offices are located. This theme was also reflected in NAYADA products that were used – NAYADA-Twin and NAYADA-Crystal glass partitions and doors. The zoning of meeting rooms and private offices in the central part of the office, was performed with matting in the form of graphic silhouettes of the two cities and with geometric patterns.

The main emphasis in the design of the workspace was creating a comfortable atmosphere for work with lots of greenery. Sufficiently bright accents, in combination with the green plants, give the entire office a very fresh look.

For the reception area, NAYADA manufactured a radial reception desk. The facade is lined with wooden slats made from natural veneer – a continuation of the overall design of the zone. The snow-white countertop is made from artificial stone and is equipped with an LED-backlight. Located nearby is a small staircase with NAYADA-Parapetto railings with wooden handrails.

The premises of the executives are organized directly next to those of their subordinates – either in separate private offices or in an open space. NAYADA-Twin partitions with smart glass were installed in the private office of the general director. Together with the usual matting, the system creates an interesting play of light and shade. Smart glass is used to change the transparency of the glass – with a simple press of a button.