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How the steel is tempered: NAYADA for the Lomov Gym fitness club

29 / 05 / 2018

NAYADA participated in creating the “brutal” interior of the Lomov Gym fitness club. Ilya Sazhin and Denis Yakubov, the project architects, had to design an unusual, factory-like fitness center.

The main theme was translated in the interior’s overall appearance as well as its details: metallic floors at the entrance area, concrete walls, archways made from angle steel bars and other similar details create the industrial environment but with application to the training – not manufacturing – equipment, as the “finished product” is felt like strength and health.

At first, the fitness club features a standard glazed façade based on the NAYADA-Crystal office partitions.

However, after that you can see a lot of customized options: for this site NAYADA produced glazed iron arch partitions with doors, framings for various doorways and framed metal meshes.

Lomov Gym rooms widely apply NAYADA’s glass-based products: various mirrors including those with decorative square segmentation, matt glass doors for shower cabins painted around the perimeter.

NAYADA produced various doors for this fitness club, including single-leaf, double-leaved, all-glass, steel, laminated with customized painting, and non-standard ones with illuminators. Colorful laminated doors installed in changing rooms add a special bright touch to this “masculine” decor.

The fitness center offers a wide range of activities: weight machines, cardio machines, crossfit, cage fighting, cycling, yoga, group trainings, and ninja path which is a new trend.

NAYADA’s solutions allowed the combination of different functional zones into one complex.