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Clinic Begins at the Doors: NAYADA for L.I. Sverzhevsky Research Institute of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology

17 / 12 / 2018

NAYADA participated in the structural repairs of the clinical buildings of a leading Russian otorhinolaryngology clinic, the L.I. Sverzhevsky Research Institute of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology. The reconstruction helped to double the clinical capacity and opened the way for conducting surgeries previously unavailable in Russia.

As part of the works performed, the clinical premises were redesigned with additional focus on improving accessibility for patients with limited mobility. NAYADA was engaged to produce and install doors with a width of 1,200mm per leaf. Vitero leaves were selected for this purpose and tested in production. The R&D team spent two months conducting tests on the door panels and only launched them in production after gaining sufficient evidence of reliable operation of all parts of the door. 380 NAYADA-Vitero doors were produced in total.

The NAYADA-Vitero swing double doors with glass fittings were used for corridor zoning. Closers fitted on the floor enable swing opening of the doors in both directions and fixation when closed. Decorations of stainless steel protect the panel surface from damage.

Rooms and ‘staff only’ premises were equipped with blind single-leaf and asymmetric double doors of the NAYADA-Vitero type.

All doors are fitted with quality NAYADA-branded locks, handles and hinges. Door closers are supplied by leading European producers, such as DORMA and GEZE.