NAYADA expands its list of customers in the transport sector

20 / 02 / 2013

The NAYADA Company has designed the Moscow offices of a large organization, managing comprehensive transport construction projects.

Cooperation with this customer has expanded NAYADA’S customer list in the transportation field, occupying pride of place among such clients as Russian Railways; the airlines Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Rosavia (Kiev), S7 Airlines, Tulpar (Kazan), Yakutia; and the airports Sheremetyevo, Pulkovo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo, and many others.

The general contractor of the project was the StroyElit Company. Its partners in the implementation of project ideas were the Arkhstroy Architectural Bureau and the market leader in office partitions — the NAYADA Company. The major goal and the main difficulty in the implementation of this project was the modern and high-quality finishing needed for these offices, which are situated in an old building. Complete renovation of 2338 sq. m. of premises, four floors and the basement of a business center, was a difficult but interesting task, which enabled the designers to introduce fresh ideas, share experiences and find new design solutions.

«We wanted to create not only modern, ergonomic offices, but also tried to make the space aesthetic and organic to the corporate spirit of the organization,» said Igor Metelkin, chief architect of Arkhstroy, and Ivan Katchalov, co-author of the project. «In particular, the hall, acting as a calling card and creating the first impressions of the offices, was designed in the company’s corporate colors — white and blue. In addition, in order to decorate the working and public areas, we actively used lines and stripes, symbolizing the path.

The offices of the company, which is in charge of building and reconstruction of airports, roads and waterworks, was decorated in the popular opposition between the cold shine of metal and warm shades of wood. Natural stone, glass and veneer were used for the implementation of this idea.

The new office spaces were designed with the help of NAYADA-Crystal partitions. Glass was also used for paneling the walls, to make the reception desk and light boxes. Even the ceiling and cabinets in the chief executive’s office were made of this multi-variable material. NAYADA undertook to perform all the work with glass — the manufacturing and assembly.

This was the first time that the company produced light boxes for the hall. To install them, the company’s engineers developed special brackets, which firmly fastened the glass, onto which complicated images were printed with specially selected colors and level of transparency.

The reception desk, created to a custom design, was also decorated with specially printed images.

The ceiling design turned out to be a laborious task. The glass had to disperse the light coming from LED strips, located in special niches under the glass and above it.

This glass was covered with several layers of film, which helped achieve the desired light dispersion.

«The project lasted less than one year, which is a very short time for this class of offices, involving high volumes of work and complex execution,» summed up Igor Metelkin. "Having observed the capabilities of NAYADA in actual practice, we already started work on another joint project, and plan to continue this mutually beneficial partnership — to create modern and bright offices.