NAYADA Company has finished working on the interior of the Real shopping Centre.

25 / 10 / 2005

NAYADA Company has finished a range of works on the interior of the Real shopping centre with total area of 35 000 square meters.

The boutiques’ showcases were created with the help of NAYADA-Crystal whole glass partitions. The decision in its favor was made mainly because they give an opportunity to glaze large areas and provide the perfect visibility of the shop.

Besides making static showcases, we had to create entering groups, which would let us vary the openness of the entering zone. This problem was successfully solved with the help of the sliding whole glass NAYADA-Hufcor G3000 ( partitions. When close, they look like a glass wall, preventing from getting into the shop. During the working hours this “wall” is moved aside, allowing the customers to enter the shop.

In one of the boutiques this kind of entering group has an arch shape.

M.Video      Trade center

For creating shop interiors and façades as well as working facilities the partitions NAYADA-Standart and NAYADA-Raumann were used.