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Complex solutions from decoration through to safety: NAYADA’s design for the shopping mall 4DAILY

21 / 09 / 2017

NAYADA contributed to arrangement of a new family shopping mall 4DAILY that is located in Mytishchi. When performing the project, NAYADA applied both traditional products manufactured by the company such as all-glass partitions, and specially implemented technology novelties such as glass finished fire cock hatches.

Glass facades serving as shop windows were produced on the base of the NAYADA-Crystal partitions, and the Lacobel white glass panels were installed above them onto dry wall frame supports. As a result, glossy surface impressively continues reflections of linear fixtures which are built into flanges.

Walls between the shop windows together with built-in fire hose cabinets and their hatches were also decorated with glass. Specially for this project NAYADA developed and implemented a structure consisting of postern doors and their fitting elements based on non-combustible materials. The doors offer opening capacity of 170 degrees and original decorative elements enhance imperfections of gateways and ensure minimal gaps.

On the ground floor of this shopping mall across the passage between the parking and the first floor hall, NAYADA installed the NAYADA-Fireproof glazed fire-resistant automatic doors, EIW-60 grade (60 minutes of resistance). To close gateways it applied rollets made from perforated steel profile which control is included into the global anti-fire systems control network. It allows their remote blocking in uncommon situations following the direction issued by the complex control engineer.