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Ambitious challenge in Kazan: NAYADA designs the Transneft Kama Region office building

20 / 09 / 2017

NAYADA participated in designing of the interior of the Transneft Kama Region JSC office building that is located in Kazan. This project became the most ambitious for the NAYADA’s Kazan branch.

The building having a usable area of 20,337 sq.m features over 600 comfortable working spaces and 551 rooms, the most important of them is the regional control station. It allows management of 25 main oil pipelines with total length of over 6,000 km covering the territory of 11 regions of Russia.

NAYADA products were applied in designing of the reception zone, the offices for executives and office spaces, conference halls, elevator halls on every floor, corridors and public areas.

The interior of the major office project created by the designer Elena Subeeva emphasizes substantiality and soundness of the customer company’s business. The customer intended to realize the project in strict compliance with the design project, following construction standards and regulations as well as the Federal Law No. 123 on fire safety requirements. The materials used to design the interior had to focus on ecology, high technology, functionality and high quality that are of high importance for the customer. Every stage included the detailed quality control of design and performance executed by the technical supervision and building inspection services.

When designing and zoning all the main rooms, the NAYADA-Crystal all-glass transparent partitions and doors were harmoniously used, including those with “smart” electrochromatic glass switching transparency in one click. The floors feature the NAYADA-Fireproof EIW-60 fire-resistant transparent partitions which resist fire and fume penetration within one hour, with built-in single- and double-leaf fire-resistant doors. The entrance zone and a café feature the NAYADA-Fireproof EIW-45 fire-resistant transparent structures. For this project NAYADA’s Kazan branch installed 420 units of various door systems: public areas feature the NAYADA-Intero glazed single- and double-leaf doors, and the partitions include the glazed Vitrage II with window shades as well as plastic finished common and fire-resistant panels.

One of the key project ideas included combination of different decorative finishes. NAYADA specialists successfully installed decorative compact plastic laminated lamels with mirror inserts and overlapped the walls and pillars with colored print body-tinted glass. The walls in the main conference hall were covered with acoustic HPL panels, with hinged beam structures used to finish the ceilings in the conference hall.

The most impressive part of the project is facework of the walls and ceilings in the main conference hall with 500 person capacity. The designer directed to produce a diverse planar 3D wall with different outreach of acoustic panels, with the consideration of fire resistance. A preliminary acoustic computation of the conference hall was executed, after which our engineer promptly developed a specific carcass structure to support wall panels which allowed consideration of all the project requirements.

Another design idea implemented in the conference hall included development and installation of flat-topped beam system made from HPL panels to finish the ceilings and mount the fixtures with the use of cable braces. All the products were designed with the consideration of fire safety requirements and project aesthetics.

The customer paid special attention to one of its most important locations that is the control station. The control station allows management of 25 main oil pipelines with total length of over 6,000 km. NAYADA specialists offered the NAYADA-Crystal partition equipped with variably transparent glass and hinged and sliding automatic doors.

Thanks to coordination with the architect, the project designer and the customer, as well as fast feedback received from the project developing engineer, professional behavior and practice demonstrated by the senior project manager in managing innovational materials, many project challenges were successfully responded. This project became a real challenge for NAYADA’s Kazan branch in terms of time limits, volume of work and non-standard solutions. We have succeeded with the support of the solid and creative team!