Miles of office space from Nayada

23 / 03 / 2011

The new office of URALSIB leasing company was constructed with the help of NAYADA-Crystal partitions, which allowed to create comfortable working spaces for top managers. A German producer of game consoles NINTENDO OF EUROPE chose a classic NAYADA-Standart line of partitions for decoration of its office, because it allowed to solve difficult planning tasks.

Miles of office space from Nayada

NAYADA-Standart systems were also used by construction of the call canter of Renaissance Capital bank located in Staropetrovsky passage and by alteration of the 3rd floor of the administrative building of Pepsi Bottling Group's plant in Domodedovo.

NAYADА partitions were used by the alteration of Game Land media holding office, which included creation of the new conference room and a separate TV studio. Nayada also carried out works for Nissan company. NAYADA-Standart partitions used in the offices of Peugeot and Unikreditbank were redesigned in accordance with the tenants' requirements.

Another office of Programmnye Sistemy Atlantis famous for its software system safety programs was accomplished with the help of classic NAYADA-Standart systems used for the organization of conference rooms, working places and general manager's office.

A successful reconstruction of a four-story building of West Side Estate was carried out with the help of NAYADA-Parapetto systems. They were used to level the width of fire exits in order to raise the safety of the company. An expressive design accent was achieved by means of radial-shaped NAYADA-Regina reception unit. Finished with wenge veneer and decorated with bronze insertions this unit represents not only a functional zone but also a decorative element.

In VTB Capital's office located on the 20th floor of the Federation tower a NAYADA–Fireproof ЕI-60 partition was installed. This fireproof partition, which separates office space from the corridor raises the safety of people coming to Moscow City business center.

All it was accomplished by NAYDA in a short month of February, 2011. And now we celebrate Spring with its blossoming ideas on the construction market and new progects.