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NAYADA ArchiChallenge: Object 2012 competition jury has decided the winners

24 / 04 / 2012

On April 23rd NAYADA held a meeting of NAYADA ArchiChallenge: Object 2012 contest jury in its office.

The leading Russian designers and architects gathered in NAYADA's head office to discuss the entries and decide the winners. A two-hour discussion was quite intense: despite the fact that the leaders were defined very quickly, the final placing caused a heated debate.

The winners in the categories Decorative surface and Furniture for Co-working were defined in less than an hour, but deciding the winner in the category Office Furniture turn out to be complicated. Some jurors were defending their favorite projects, some were giving them only 2nd and 3rd places like strict teachers at the exam, some were proposing radical alternatives.

As the result, the winners were defined by means of voting under the leadership of Sergei Choban. In the process of discussion the jurors distinguished projects, which didn't claim to be winners but were worth attention, that is why it was decided to award them as well. All of them will receive special prizes as the award ceremony, which is to take place on May, 23rd at NAYADA's stand during ArchMoscow.

Contest jury:

  • Sergey Choban — president of the jury, the director of nps tchoban voss architectural bureau (Berlin), the leading partner of SPEECH Choban & Kuznetsov architectural studio (Moscow)
  • Sergei Kuznetsov — the leading partner of SPEECH Choban & Kuznetsov architectural workshpop (Moscow)
  • Totan Kuzembayev — the director of TOTAN architectural bureau
  • Boris Levyant — general manager of ABD architects
  • Sergei Estrin — the director of ООО Architectural workshop of Sergei Estrin
  • Evgeny Polyantsev — the director of MERALstudio
  • Alexander Matveev — co-founder and the art director of Designe studio
  • Eric Belousov — art director of Zoloto Group design studio
  • Vladimir Kuzmin — the director of Pole-Design studio
  • Dmitry Cherepkov – the president of NAYADA Group of Companies