NAYADA as a guide in the world of fantasy

19 / 06 / 2006

NAYADA as a guide in the world of fantasy

NAYADA as a guide in the world of fantasy Every day in the office is usually very hectic – discussions, meetings, planning, accounts, stress… Sometimes it is easy to forget even about you own kids, let alone the others’. We are so busy solving problems, which seem to be of major importance to us, but we tend to forget that we are surrounded by people who need our help and support. And when it is a child who needs it, all our problems turn out to be small and insignificant.

We thank people who work in the "Illustrated books for small blind children" welfare fund. Owing to their work NAYADA Company can make the life of blind children richer and brighter.

Special relief-graphic books presented by NAYADA to blind children in St.-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Astrakhan contain volumetric images that can be touched and felt by hands. A lot of details are created from various materials with different textures. The books are executed in bright colours, where each colour has its own amount of energy. It allows the kids with developed touch and tactile abilities to discover the world and learn new things through the books and their own hands.

We hope those books make the children happy, and we’ll be happy for them in our turn.