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NAYADA-CHALLENGE: The Day of Achievements in NAYADA

05 / 04 / 2017

NAYADA celebrated its first NAYADA-CHALLENGE Day of Achievements which was focused on challenges, high scores and individual contributions made by all the departments and employees of the company. A new tradition of NAYADA is aimed at awarding of the coworkers for successfully completed key projects and achievements in the workplace and – that is the main idea – at being thankful to each other and motivating to reach new goals.

The first NAYADA-CHALLENGE opened with such projects as Skolkovo Technopark, the office for Avito company and the office for a state corporation. Every project placing a real challenge was presented by NAYADA’s key officers engaged in its implementation.

Large-scale Challenge: Skolkovo Technopark is located on the area of 96,228 sq.m where science and business complement each other creating a special innovational ecosystem. The infrastructure elements include five clusters: information technology, medical technology, effective biotechnology, nuclear technology, energy efficiency technology. For this project NAYADA performed a scope of finishing operations to organize the interior space providing screens, partitions, doors, furniture, reception stands, elevator shaft glazing, wall veneers.

Innovational Challenge: creation of the office for Avito company became a real challenge for NAYADA-SmartWall department because an innovational system of convertible soundproof glass partitions having glass door sections was developed and successfully installed within an extremely short period specifically for this project. Implementation of transparent door panels into operable partitions was a true innovation!

Furniture Challenge: a new office of the state corporation was designed for the senior management of the company and holding of negotiations that required non-standard, exclusive solutions from NAYADA in terms of development and production of the furniture as well as its functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. This complex project featured its realization within a tight schedule, necessity of coordination of interaction and furniture delivery procedure among 7 foreign and 7 local suppliers. The total number of furniture items delivered and installed during this project implementation reached 490.

The second large block of the Day of Achievements included personal awards given to the NAYADA team members for their work contributions, from achievement of high sales targets to initiatives positively effecting on their teamwork.

The gala night finished with a special program presented by the guest wine expert which included, among others, tasting of the first natural cheese produced by the Eco-park “Yasno Pole”.