NAYADA company decorated Camera di Commercio Italo Russa (Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce)

24 / 01 / 2013

Italian representative of NAYADA group companies has completed the work on the prestigious and responsible project on the decorating Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Camera di Commercio Italo Russa (Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce) is a private non-commercial establishment the purpose of which is developing of economic, trade and business collaboration between Italy and Russia. It is officially recognized on the territory of both countries and has been carrying out its activity in the largest regions of Russia and Italy for more than 47 years.

Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce comprises more than 300 Italian and Russian partners, among which there are leading credit establishments, large and average Italian and Russian enterprises, manufacturing associations, chambers of trade, companies-leaders in the field of services and private businessmen.

The new office of Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce is located in the center of Milan, the economic capital of Italy. It is a place of meeting for all business spheres representatives, a center of performing of numerous seminars and conferences dedicated to different aspects of cooperating between our countries.

For possible stereotypes overcoming and successful collaboration based on trust, such aspect as clearness and clarity of intensions is very important. So for the Chamber decoration the all-glass NAYADA-Crystal partitions system with all-glass doors was chosen. The green and red stripes pattern imitating the flag of Italian Republic is put on the partitions glass with the help of transparent tape along the whole main corridor.

NAYADA-Crystal partitions create also the entrance group through which the visitors and employees of Camera di Commercio (Chamber of Commerce) reach the reception space decorated with photos of Russian and Italian places of interest. The wall clock has been running here on Moscow and Milan time uniting the representatives of both cultures in the uniform space-time continuum in the creation of which NAYADA has actively participated.