NAYADA company has summed up the results of the contest on the decoration of the offices for a New Year celebration.

16 / 01 / 2013

Announcement of the results of NEW YEAR OFFICE AWARD photo contest on the decoration of workplaces for the New. Year took place in the office of NAYADA company. The contest was announced December 5, 2012 on NAYADA company page on Facebook and became an incentive for users of this social network to create a festive atmosphere at their workplaces.

Contestants and reporters who actively followed the contestants' race were invited to the announcement of the award.

A presentation showing the main stages of the competition and all works of the participants was created for the guests. The baton was passed to Galina Galkovskaya, the sales director of NAYADA company, who described trends and popular directions in the design of office spaces.

"Every month, NAYADA company, the Russia and CIS market leader in the design of office spaces, implements about 200 office decoration projects," said Galina Galkovskaya. "More than 90 percent of our customers become our loyal customers. It confirms that our top priorities are the quality and the individual approach to each customer. I'd like to emphasize that individual, and even personal approach is one of the world's major trends in the design of office spaces. Today, employers are interested in the employees' satisfaction with their workplaces, as it affects not only the reputation of the company, but improves the employees' performance by impressive 30 percent."

In addition, invited guests were given a tour of the NAYADA company office, decorated in the open space style, which has repeatedly drawn the attention of movie stars and media moguls with its creative solutions.

The event ended with the awarding of a winner. It was Dmitry Zakharov, who collected a record number of "likes" (156 "likes" and 35 comments), which was the main condition for the victory.

Submitted photos of friends and guests of Nayada page on Facebook clearly showed how different a vision of the workplace decoration for the New Year can be.

“For many people, cooperative decoration of the apartment and green Christmas tree is a family tradition, inherited by children from their parents,” said Maria Barkar, director of promotions with NAYADA. “The idea was to unite people who spend most of their lives in the office for creation of a festive mood for themselves and their colleagues. And, above all, why not to make it a good office tradition? This is what was the main idea of the contests. Moreover, in order to win, the contestant needed a large support team, which was another reason to call or write a message to her or his friends who have not been communicated for quite long.”

Namely, the activity of visitors who have viewed the contest photo of Dmitry Zakharov, made ​​him a winner of the grand prize of the contest – a bean bag chair. A stylish piece of interior has been provided by Smart Balls – a bean bag furniture manufacturer and a partner of NAYADA company.