NAYADA congratulates firefighters.

18 / 07 / 2007

Photo NAYADA congratulates firefighters. Today the State Fire Inspection of the Russian Federation Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Response celebrated its 80th anniversary.

NAYADA congratulates every one for whom fire fighting is an everyday work. To stand against any element is not easy. it is especially difficult to stand against fire, because even a small mistake can lead to a great disaster. We thank the people who protect us from this danger.

NAYADA specialists know about hard work of firefighters firsthand. For more than 5 years our company produces and installs fire resistant partitions and doors able to withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees and stand against fire for 15 (EI-15), 30 (EI-30), 45 (EI-45) and 60 (EI-60) minutes.