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NAYADA created an eco-office for VIP-clients of Sberbank in St. Petersburg

22 / 07 / 2015

NAYADA continues its cooperation with Sberbank of Russia. One of the new projects for the country’s major bank is a new office called “Sberbak First” for VIP-clients, located on the 37th floor of the Constitution BC’s Leader Tower in St. Petersburg. Elena Krylova Design Studios created a modern, functional, innovative office in the eco-style. Here, each element of the interior was designed specifically for this project.

Sberbank is the first organization in the Russian financial sector to receive the international eco-certification from BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method). The idea for the ​​interior design of the VIP-area, according to the designers of the concept – is that the interior should represent the four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. All this is laconically integrated into the interior premises, creating a sense of security and comfort.

VIP-office has an area of ​​525 sqm, and for its zoning, NAYADA partitions and doors were used, which not only decorate the interior, but also fully meet the high requirements of BREEAM.

The interior takes into account all the requirements for the preservation of the environment: light control, water and temperature regulation, the use of energy-saving and water-saving systems, separated waste collection, proper disposal of waste, the use of local building materials and natural materials, finishes, and much more.

NAYADA-Intero glass partitions and doors were selected for this project. The door leaf, a decorated ornament of white matte film, consists of a narrow supporting profile with external glazing. The meeting room has NAYADA sliding doors, made of tempered glass and painted in a rich purple color. Mirrors and the door framing visually increase its area.