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NAYADA creates common areas in the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Ufa

08 / 07 / 2015

The NAYADA Company has furnished and decorated the common areas of the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Ufa, which was constructed for one of the most anticipated events of the year – the BRICS/SCO Summit 2015. This 7-story hotel with total area of 15,169 sqm was built according to all standards of the international hotel operator – Hilton International, which manages thousands of hotels worldwide. The hotel has 170 rooms, 5 meeting rooms, a restaurant that can seat 60 people, bar, Hamam steam bath, swimming pool, fitness center, and underground parking.

The architectural design solutions used in the Ufa Centre led to the creation of a modern building that meets all requirements for safety and convenience. The main requirement set for this project was to be consistent with the design concepts of the hotel operator. The concept of the Garden Inn, was, as its name implies – a garden. This project combines natural materials with LED lighting, stainless steel and glass, which is typical in modern architectural styles. The walls and ceilings, finished by the NAYADA Company, continue the general theme of using natural materials, repeating the natural wood structure.

Architects made provisions for including elements of national coloration. Bashkir motifs became the main ornamental decorations used on the columns, and are repeated on the facade of the building as well as on the NAYADA glass partitions. One feature of the structural elements of the building is the large number of columns in the reception area and the restaurant, which greatly limited the available space, but the use of two-layer glazing on the columns allowed us, literally, to “dissolve” them into the surrounding space, and turning them into an important element of the interior.

All-glass partitions are used to zone-off the bar and restaurant areas, to create the “business corner”, and enclose the ATMs zone. The fire-resistant NAYADA-Fireproof glass partitions give a weightless and transparent appearance to the atrium lobby.

The installation of NAYADA-Hufcor acoustic transformer partitions made it easy and convenient to create flexible conference rooms. Easy unification and division of space allows for carrying out a variety of activities, involving different quantities of participants.