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NAYADA creates VIP Zone in Naro-Fominsk BC

02 / 02 / 2015

NAYADA completed work on a major project – the interior design of a business center in Naro-Fominsk. They paid special attention to the design of the zone where the company’s executives work. Most of the elements of the interior were made-to-order. The architectural and urban planning firm Yauzaproyekt worked on the design project. The executive zone got a strict and representative look. NAYADA veneered panels line the walls in the lobby and in the private offices. In addition, the private offices have inserts with panels made of light leather.

"In this project that we developed, all the elements (walls, ceilings, and built-in furniture) are compositionally linked together, and thus, great attention was paid to the selection and combination of materials. Ideally, only one company should have worked on the implementation of interior design solutions. When it came time to choose the manufacturer, the main criterion was the capability of working with a wide range of materials and structures. Such companies are few on the Russian market, and after holding a tender, we made a decision to cooperate with NAYADA,” commented the architects at Yauzaproyekt.

In the center of the zone for executives is a round hall, to which all the other premises are connected – the private offices of executives, meeting room, and entrance lobby with reception desk. Therefore, we used plenty of radial elements in the interior.

The walls of the round hall are made of NAYADA-Regina veneered panel segments, about 300 mm wide. Adjacent to the hall, the reception desk continues the radial style. It also finished using veneered panels, but here they curve into an arc shape.

On one of the walls in the hall, which is adjacent to the stairs, NAYADA veneered panels form a minimalist decorative panel picture. Its distinctive feature consists in the fact that the panels are of different colors and arranged in different planes.

Leather inserts by NAYADA are used in the decoration of the walls of private offices, including the doors.

The false ceiling in the lobby, and partly in the offices, is made of NAYADA-Regina lattice panels, made-to-measure, taking into account the locations of the lighting fixtures. Thanks to their ‘breathability’ characteristics, all ventilation grilles hide behind the ceiling. NAYADA also manufactured and installed panels to cover engineering systems. Decorative panels made of wood veneer in two colors hide the false-walls.

NAYADA-Intero partitions and doors, with a print of a well-known image of the first builders of skyscrapers in New York, form the private offices zone.

About the business center: This multifunctional ‘Class A’ business center, is the first step in the implementation of a comprehensive renovation program of a former silk mill, and the creation of a new city center for Naro-Fominsk, in accordance with the Spatial Development Strategy.