NAYADA-Crystal – a whole glass cloudy partition with lighting.

13 / 07 / 2006

Цельностеклянная перегородка NAYADA-Crystal We all have our own assumptions we’ve got accustomed to. The solutions going beyond the limits of our standard associations evoke mixed emotions – from astonishment to admiration. For instance, a whole glass NAYADA-Crystal partition normally associates with a transparent glass wall, and as a rule, it is installed in shopping centers as a part of a showcase.

Not long ago this partition system amazed even the experienced ones. Imagine the office of a major company, red floor, the ceiling with hanging pipes and hardware, and non-transparent glass cloudy partition with lighting in the middle of the room. And this is still a NAYADA-Crystal partition presented in a different light, which elegantly emphasizes the industrial style of this unusual office.