NAYADA decorates MSP-Bank office

22 / 03 / 2012

Company name: MSP-Bank
Architect/designer: Nikolay Milovidov, Andrey Vokhminov
Project manager: Igor Babaykin, Elena Alyabyeva, Andrey Borsuk
Design engineer:Alexander Denisov, Sergey Timokhin, Andrey Petrov
Total floor area: 5000 sq.m.
Installed partitions area, sq.m.: 260
NAYADA projects installed at the object: NAYADA-Regina – SuperLite; NAYADA-Hufcor; NAYADA-Intero; NAYADA-Doors.

NAYADA обустроила офис МСП-Банка.

This is the first object, on which NAYADA-Regina – SuperLite has been installed. The partition is based on NAYADA-Standart system. All visible metal elements of the construction are decorated with veneer. Detachable elements are practically coplanar to the glass. Th e color of veneer was selected to match the color of furniture and parquet.

NAYADA-Hufcor finishing is also a part of interior solution. Movable partition is used for forming a conference zone. A convenient parking system allows hiding NAYADA-Hufcor panels in a special niche.

Nayada specialists treated veneer especially delicately demonstrating a high level of excellence in the process of work with large volumes of this natural finishing material with original pattern.

Veneer sheets were selected and finished the way the colors of the wood were in harmony with the whole interior.

Well coordinate work of all specialists allowed to create an original and attractive office for MSP-Bakk just in one and a half months.

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