NAYADA decorates NTV television company office

20 / 03 / 2012

Company name: NTV television company
Architect/ designer: Tatiana Levina
Project manager: Sergey Smirnov
Design engineers: Nikolay Bychkov, Sergey Timokhin, Dmitry Ryzhykh.
Total floor area: 7112,5 sq. m.
Installed partitions area: more than 2800 sq. m.
NAYADA projects installed at the object: NAYADA-Standart; NAYADA-Crystal; NAYADA-Hufcor H100; NAYADA-Doors, sanitary cabins.

NAYADA decorates NTV television company office

NAYADA has created the interior of the new 8-storey office of NTV television company, one of the leaders of Russian mass media. In order to render the dynamics and the character of company activities designers decided to divide the area with glass panels. NAYADA-Crystal and NAYADA-Standart partitions were installed on all the floors where they helped to create the atmosphere emphasizing NTV's main corporate idea: television is teamwork. People working in different rooms of the office can see each other and feel like a unified whole. At the moments when a creative process requires concentration and privacy, you can use Venetian blinds and roller blinds.

Another highly functional element of the new NTV office is NAYADA-Hufcor partition. The movable system converts a spacious conference hall into three isolated meeting rooms with perfect sound insulation in seconds. The panels of this partition decorated with white laminated chipboard can be used both as walls and projection screen.

Special attention is given to safety. Elevator halls and exits to staircases on all floors are equipped with NAYADA fireproof doors.

Project's photo.