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NAYADA for the Algorithm BC

19 / 05 / 2016

The NAYADA Company performed a range of works on the arrangement of premises in the Algorithm Business Center. The business center was designed by the SCG London Architectural Bureau, and the project meets the highest requirements for office premises. The Algorithm BC is located in the south-west of Moscow, near the Vorontsovsky Park. The total area of this 19-story complex is 41,494 sq. m. For this project, NAYADA implemented many new innovative solutions for its existing partition and door systems.

The technical assignment of the customer was to create office spaces that would be perfect for technology companies that are looking for premises to accommodate their headquarters. Given the location of the building, the architects combined the idea of technology mixing with nature. For the decoration of the Algorithm Business Center’s common areas, we used a large number of items made from natural materials: stone, wood, and glass.

On the first floor of the building, located is an entrance zone with a spacious, bright lobby, an elevator hall and service areas. The exit to the atrium from the second floor, NAYADA created using the NAYADA-Twin double glazed partitions system with a black frame.

An abstract numeric pattern created the graphics texture that reflects the concept of mathematics and computer science, and the use of dark gray colors, conveys a sense of smart technologies. Such colors of nature as bright green and blue, provide strong contrast, creating a fresh and lively atmosphere in the public areas of the complex. NAYADA glass wall panels with color accents decorate the public spaces over their entire height.

An interesting solution became the visually concealed fire-resistant doors, lined with glass, blending into the wall panels.

In the elevator zones, we installed firewalls with integrated two-leaf NAYADA-Fireproof doors. Glass constructions were mounted along the entire height and were made of stainless steel. The walls are lined with glass in a uniform style with the interior of the business center.

The office part of the business center has been fitted with partitions of the NAYADA-Standart system, with integrated blinds and the NAYADA-Twin system with integrated two-leaf NAYADA-Intero doors in the wide profile.

The VIP areas were created using NAYADA-Regina veneered doors with hidden hinges and a high degree of sound insulation.