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NAYADA for a loft office in a historic building of St. Petersburg

20 / 01 / 2016

NAYADA partitions and doors were used in the creation of a new office of a real estate agency on Vladimirskaya Square in St. Petersburg. The style of the loft was largely based on the initial data: the office is located in the building of the Handicraft Society, designed by architect A.I. Lange back in 1858. Working on this project, specialists from the Bureau 11 Architectural Bureau did their best to retain the spirit of times past in the historical premises for the new modern office.

Earlier, public spaces, stores and residential apartments were located here. Despite the fact that now the interior looks modern, it harmoniously preserves three-meter arched openings that permeate the entire floor, enfilade structure of circular motion along the façade, preserved were the tiled stove, colorful bricks, and in various places stucco from different eras, as well as the spirit of communal apartments. The architects managed in the project design – to return dividing window frames, restore castle structure, and partially restore the enfilade structure of the layout.

For the zoning of private office and meeting room premises, they used NAYADA-Standart glass partitions in the spirit of American factory buildings with a black matte profile. Double-glazing provides additional soundproofing of the open space.

The NAYADA-Slim glass doors are a canvas with single glazing and the narrowest profiles in the NAYADA profiles system – just 23 mm. The doors contain only tempered safety glass. The profiles of the doors are also painted in matt black color.

NAYADA-Crystal all-glass doors are installed in the lobby. The door fixtures match the color of the aluminum ceiling of the meeting room.