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NAYADA for the Asadov Architectural Bureau

14 / 02 / 2019

NAYADA manufactured and installed furniture for the office of the Asadov Architectural Bureau, a studio developing architectural complexes, public facilities and residential buildings.

Numerous 'nuances' pertaining to architectural offices had to be taken into account and were implemented in this project.

To work with drawings and designs, architects need spacious tabletops. That's where the LAVORO operative furniture series has much to offer. The design of working spaces for teamwork centers on desks mounted on reliable metal framework grouped together to meet spatial requirements.

Spacious workstations for architects are fitted with desk-mounted screen panels furnished with cloth, which helped to delicately zone the space and improve the acoustics in the office.

The advantages of the LAVORO furniture helped to arrange the office space efficiently. Low-rise cabinets with sliding doors provide storage space to have everything at hand next to the working space. They are also helpful in dividing the office space. Mobile pedestals for working desks are equipped with soft pads and can be used as compact seats for visiting customers.

To arrange storage for the numerous books, samples of materials and catalogues, LAVORO cabinets with open shelves were used, as well as cabinets with hinged doors made of chipboard and glass, and wardrobes with sliding doors.

The Asadov Architectural Bureau office design takes advantage of the multipurpose flexibility of the LAVORO series.

• Working desks are also used in executive rooms, in meeting room design, and at the mini reception area.

• The workstation design allows for quick adaptation to the changing needs, as the furniture can be easily assembled and dismantled repeatedly.