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NAYADA for the Black Star record label office

25 / 01 / 2017

NAYADA has contributed in design of a new office for the Black Star which is one of the leading record labels of Russia. “We need it to be ten kinds of cool!” – that was the wish of the customer successfully realized in a new space by the MADcrew design studio team. Ivan Ivanov worked as the project’s Chief Architect.

The office occupies three floors of the detached period house in the downtown Moscow. A modern loft space is made monochromic in accordance with the updated label brand book, with some drops of dark woody tones.

Offices for the staff are located on the first floor and the second floor. A large hall has been divided into several functional areas: reception area, meeting zone, waiting and relax zone, bar counter. The focus is a massive black reception desk made by NAYADA from artificial stone with a lightbox championing a company brand name.

A corner of the square room features a transparent glass partition and NAYADA-Standart doors to create a small private space suitable for interviews. Due to the decision to save glasses transparent rather than tone them, architects managed to keep the design minimalistic.

Working spaces for the employees were also decorated in the similar way: white brick walls, black marker coatings as well as the entire operational furniture for the staff which includes neat white desks equipped with file cabinets and panels of NAYADA-LAVORO 3.0 collection.

The third floor is planned for the executives. There are three equal co-founders in the company each of them having his own taste, and so every executive office space has been designed according to exclusive range of colors and needs of its owner. To combine all the rooms on the floor into one space, the architects decided to create a meeting room using NAYADA-Standart glass partitions with window shades in spite of walls.

“The process of work for the celebrities is really exciting. However, we always should think of the results examined under the microscope by both the client and his network. To reach “cool” result, we have to arrange only the most “cool” and quality suppliers and partners, from a regular employee’s working place on out to the reception zone that represents the front office. I am glad that the client has been satisfied with the result. We achieved it with the support of NAYADA company which supplied glass partitions, office doors, the entire furniture for the employees and reception area.” With appreciation, Ivanov I.E.