NAYADA for S.T.I. Dent – innovative solutions from floor to ceiling

12 / 02 / 2013

The NAYADA Company has completed the design of Moscow offices for the trusted supplier of dental products — S.T.I. Dent Company. The project was implemented in cooperation with the bureau of design, architecture, construction and comfort TopDom (General Director Dmitry Arzamaskin), who acted as the general contractor of the project.

The offices of S.T.I. Dent became a real platform for innovative ideas and an embodiment of non-standard solutions. The main materials used for the project were veneer and glass. Doors, walls, ceilings were made of these materials. The furniture and reception desks were also made of veneer.

In so doing, the furniture for the management and staff was created specifically for the project at the Lepota Design Furniture Factory. Based on the customer’s design, NAYADA made conference tables and backlit sliding cabinets, which became an additional element of the decor.

A successful combination of materials and processing technologies has resulted in achieving full compliance with the innovative design idea. Carbon fiber, used for the facing of the interior, turned out to be an interesting solution. Carbon fiber, a rare material in the furniture industry, was first used by NAYADA in interior design of the offices.

We should note that in December, the company launched a carbon fiber workshop, which provides opportunities to experiment with the use of this material, and not only for decorative purposes. In this project, the dark fiber material was made into an original border for the reception desks, created in the shape of an arc. The light veneer, of which the counter was made, acquired some brightness, while the effect of metal inserts, created by carbon fiber, added to it luxurious gloss.

One of the most striking, key ideas for coating is the «wave» element, which is implemented in the design of panels and decorative pieces of furniture. Using innovative technologies for material processing, the experts from NAYADA proposed the interpretation of the «wave» in veneer.

The chosen theme was originally incarnated in the division of two areas of the offices: manager’s office and conference room, between which they installed an aquarium with a massive frame of metallic color.

The combination of a warm «wood» palette, with such cool colors as metallic and black, create the necessary balance between business and friendly atmosphere.

«The office — is a place where a community of people, united in a team of like-minded people, is born and grows in strength,» said Konstantin Dunayev, project architect. "The designer’s task, in this case, is to provide a comfortable working environment for people to achieve their goals. In so doing, the office design should reflect the professional orientation of the people working in it. This can be purposefully chosen decoration materials, color solution of the premises, or original finishing ideas. However, the main thing is to maintain harmony around the person. In my opinion, by joint efforts we were able to achieve this when we created the office for S.T.I. Dent, and the company’s specialists will appreciate the results of our work.