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NAYADA for the office of Bella

10 / 11 / 2015

NAYADA helped create the Moscow office of the well-known cosmetic brand Bella. NAYADA products – glass partitions, doors, veneered walls, and acoustic panels – are located on all five floors of the building.

Office area is created in the form of glass blocks leading off into the atrium. NAYADA-Standart glass partitions made of tempered glass are with reinforced explosion-proof film. The profiles of the partitions are painted in the corporate colors of the company.

Contrasting accents are provided by NAYADA-Regina doors and panels made of natural veneer. Special attention should be drawn to the doors – used in this project were veneered single and double-leaf doors, three-meter doors and doors with built-in electric boxes for the engineering systems.

The use of NAYADA-Akoustika acoustic panels helped solve one of the main problems in the creation of the conference hall – reducing the reverberation and ensuring high-quality sound in the room. When designing the room’s acoustics, taken into account were factors such as parallelism of the walls, the material covering the audience seating, the depth of the stage, and other items.

Accurately calculated locations of the simple and acoustic panels, as well as longitudinal milling work and location of the holes on the panels, allowed solving the problem of sound absorption of the required frequencies. For this project, the architect chose acoustic panels faced with veneer.

The NAYADA-Akoustika system is a “sandwich” made of acoustic panels, with metal frame and an additional layer of sound-absorbing material. It is installed in the form of “doubling” of primary walls. Concealed fastenings of the panels allow them to be installed joint-to-joint, making the inter-panel seams almost invisible.