17 / 02 / 2011
Photo NAYADA has accomplished works on decoration of Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies' office

In December 2010 NAYADA accomplished works on decoration of the Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies' office.

NAYADA was chosen from a large group of competitors in the course of the announced tender. Its products, visual lightness of constructions, possibility to use space to the best effect and realize uncommon designers' solutions corresponded to the project task.

Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies is the world leader in the sector of air transportation of unique outsized loads and the largest Russian cargo air carrier.

Corporate values of the company, its expertise and responsibility for peoples' lives, freedom , lightness were represented in the interior with the help of transparent NAYADA-Standart and NAYADA-Crystal partitions and the new NAYADA-Standart Map system. The total area of installed partitions is about 730 sq.m. These partition systems are used to zone work places ? Conference rooms, corridors, offices, dining halls, and utility rooms.

To provide safety in the glazed mezzanine NAYADA-Parapetto system was used along the perimeter of NAYADA-Standart partitions.

More than 100 doors were also installed in the office of Volga-Dnepr. These are partially doors with laminated panels in aluminum telescopic frame and all-glass doors in a special frame. Using the latter ones allowed to improve sound insulation.

Client orientation and efficiency of NAYADA together with flawless quality allowed to accomplish the project in a short term – in three months.

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