NAYADA has joined WWF.

19 / 02 / 2008

NAYADA joined the WWF Corporate Club. The club opened in April 2001 can only accept companies that care about the environment and support environmental programmes, which help to preserve our planet for the future generations.

Photo NAYADA has joined WWF.

According to the WWF representatives, NAYADA's concept of creating space for growth and development is very close to that of the WWF. Considering the fact that a modern person spends a significant and sometimes the largest part of his life in the office, NAYADA pays much attention not only to comfort, outward appearance and functionality of its partitions, but also to creating appropriate working environment. The company's technical developments allow using ecofriendly materials, avoiding straight geometrical lines by means of creating radial walls, as well as creating interiors with optimal daylight use.

As a member of the WWF Club NAYADA will support the organisation in its effort to protect the environment, support «Living Planet» and other programmes of the Fund according to its Statute and environmental strategy. As for the joint projects that has already been launched, the WWF officially announced its support of the Architectural Competition «Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations» organized by NAYADA Company. Now WWF is planning to choose the best project, which creates the appropriate working environment in the office space.