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NAYADA helped create the Center for Innovative Technologies in Sports in Barkli Park

27 / 10 / 2015

Partitions and doors made by the NAYADA Company were used to arrange the premises of the Center for Innovative Technologies in Sports, located in an innovative eco-project – the Barkli Park. The authors of the project were architects from the Atrium Bureau. The concept of Barkli Park was developed under the slogan of “Environment and Innovation”, resulting in a project that meets international standards and is equipped with modern engineering systems.

The sports complex section, with a universal gym, is used for preparing national Olympic teams. Trying to reflect this lofty mission of the Center, for the design of its interior, the architects turned to dynamic forms, contrasting color schemes, and sharp active coupling of elements in the design of the entrance area, which is also visible from outside the building.

The project used four NAYADA partition and door systems – the classic NAYADA-Standart, NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partitions and doors, and NAYADA-Hufcor sliding partitions. Particular attention is paid to fire safety of the building – and so in all public areas, they installed NAYADA- Fireproof metal and glass doors.

The largest area in the Center is occupied by the track and field hall, with an Olympic-sized running track and a ceiling height of about 10 meters. The training of athletes can be observed through the glass walls of the director’s office, located on the second floor.

The supporting structures of the hall were left open, which allows one to appreciate the architecture of the building as a whole. The architecture of the administrative block supports the overall dynamics theme, due to sharp corners of partition couplings, as well as the drawings on the floors and walls.

Glass partitions from the NAYADA-Standart system, with a height of 3.5 meters, separate the pool area from the administrative section.