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NAYADA and dormakaba established strategic partnership to develop mobile acoustic walls market

10 / 07 / 2017

NAYADA, a leading Russian manufacturer of interior partition systems, doors and furniture, and dormakaba, a major global company in the field of door controls, access control systems, door fittings, glass installation systems and mobile walls, declared establishment of their exclusive partnership to develop the market for automatic and semi-automatic mobile acoustic walls.

Since 01 July 2017 NAYADA company became the single partner with exclusive dealership authority to promote and sell the dormakaba transformable systems. The companies have united pursuing the common purpose to gradually retarget the market towards semi-automatic and automatic solutions with application of operable walls.

Since 2003 NAYADA has been the first Russian company to produce transformable systems nowadays known as NAYADA-SmartWall. The projects realized by the company include “flexible” offices for Sberbank, Adidas, Microsoft, Mail.Ru Group, Avito, Mars, MSU school, the Museum of Russian impressionism, Petr Fomenko theatre, Stanislavsky theatre, and even the Bolshoi theatre. NAYADA implemented over 2000 projects across Russia and CIS countries with the use of transformable walls.

Extension of NAYADA portfolio on account of innovational and advanced dormakaba semi-automatic and automatic systems will allow satisfaction of extra demand for transformable walls existing on the Russian, Kazakh, Belorussian, Kyrgyz and Armenian markets. Thanks to such cooperation, NAYADA-dormakaba is able to offer the mobile walls featuring the best possible acoustic insulation in the world that is 58 dB.

“NAYADA has accumulated the extensive practice in the fields of development, production and improvement of operable wall systems. As far back as 2004, NAYADA invented a solution for fast automatic transformation of one room into two rooms (Patent No. 2197882) that was a scratch in development of transformable partitions in Russia. dormakaba company that has been our strategic partner for a long time regarding fittings, is the major global player specifically on the automatic mobile walls market. Innovational solutions by dormakaba practiced on global markets, today demonstrate high demand on the Russian market which grew up now to be open for improvements and developments. Due to our joint technology capability and practice, we can offer the state-of-the-art semi-automatic and automatic systems. So, soon we will see also in Russia how walls are operated through the smartphone”, Dmitry Cherepkov, a President to NAYADA Group, comments.

Dormakaba operable walls are presented on the Russian market under NAYADA-DORMA brand and include:
• Variflex ModulLine manual and semi-automatic mobile acoustic walls
• Variflex ComfortDrive automatic mobile acoustic walls