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NAYADA in the Anatoly Zverev Museum

08 / 12 / 2015

NAYADA partitions, doors and furniture were used in the creation of a private museum of avant-garde artist Anatoly Zverev in Moscow. The new museum’s collection includes more than one thousand works of Zverev and over five hundred paintbrushes. The museum project was created by designer Anatoly Golyshev.

A quite complex task needed to be solved within this project – to effectively place exhibition, administrative and technical zones within a small space.

The museum itself is a three-story building with a bookstore on the ground floor and a café on the rooftop. The museum presents a new exhibition format – called “izoserial”. Each series, exhibition that is, will be devoted to a specific phase in the life and work of Anatoly Zverev. A total of eight biographical expositions were planned. The Anatoly Zverev project opens with the telling of the history of the artist through self-portraits and portraits of people who were close to him during his lifetime.

NAYADA Acoustic panels were installed in the cinema hall. In this premises, movies are shown in accordance with the current theme of the museum. In addition, there is a library, where anyone can read his or her favorite book in a quiet atmosphere.

The entrance area was created using fire-resistant partitions with Forester profile frames and reinforced break-proof double-glazed units for security, and fire resistant NAYADA-Fireproof metal doors.

NAYADA furniture was used for the sales counter in the bookstore, security room desks, dressing room and bar counters, and the company also created all the seating furniture in the exposition zone of the museum.

For this project, NAYADA manufactured and installed a series of doors. Among these were NAYADA-Stels doors with invisible flush mounting. These “invisible” doors were chosen to fulfill the idea that – all interior solutions should not stand out, but instead people’s attention should be directed to the artistic section.

Conveniently located on the roof of the museum is the summer cafe. The access zone to the roof is decorated with double-glazed Forester profiles. The roof is fenced from the street and protected from inclement weather by high NAYADA-Parapetto glass partitions, installed on individual racks with handrails.

About the artist:Anatoly Zverev (1931-1986) was the biggest Russian avant-garde artist, whom the art collector George Costakis also called the first Russian expressionist. His creative legacy includes more than 30,000 works. Most of them are stored in museums in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and a part of the works is on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.