NAYADA invites you to Sretenka Design Week

06 / 09 / 2010
NAYADA invites you to Sretenka Design Week

This fall Moscow welcomes three design festivals: Design Act, Sretenka Design Week and Moscow Design Week. NAYADA will take an active part in them and present its ART-NAYADA products to the visitors.

In the very center of Moscow, on Sretenka every one can feel the creative energy of Sretenka Design Week. The event program includes expositions, street shows, lectures and workshops, as well as contests and discussions. Feel free to attend lectures of representatives of the leading home and foreign architectural schools and studios including Art. Lebedev Studio and British Higher School of Art & Design, Daniel Dendra "anOtherArchitect" and Thomas Auer, "Transsolar" (Germany), Louis Eslav (Spain), and many others. The president of NAYADA Dmitryi Cherepkov will give a lecture "Desigher and Producer. Organizing Collaboration", which will be held on September 10th at 7 p.m. in the DesignBoom Gallery located in Daev lane, 2. The lecture is dedicated to interaction between designers and producers during product development.

The festival gives a great opportunity to feel the touch of art. Every one will be able to take part in new design trends development.

NAYADA is going to present its Forest shelf, comfortable Smart Balls pouffes and a metal arm-chair made by NAYADA together with anOtherArchitect architectural studio.

The arm-chair is produced by NAYADA on the basis of sketches of a famous architect and a Bauhaus Dessau teacher Daniel Dendra. The arm-chair will be demonstrated at the lecture on furniture novelties and interactive installations of anOtherArchitect as an example of successful cooperation between Russian producers and foreign designers.

The lecture will be held on September 6, at 3 p.m. in the School of Dramatic Art located on Sretenka 19/27. We invite every one to join our celebration of bright ideas, style, and freedom of self expression.