NAYADA-Neva took part in developers' conference.

16 / 06 / 2008

Photo NAYADA-Neva took part in developers' conference.

Managers' and Developers' Guild organized the Third Annual Conference «Developers in search of new architectural forms» in Saint Petersburg.

It is the second time when NAYADA took an active part in it. This year the main discussion topic was especially close to company representatives, for it dealt mainly with architectural contests.

According to the conference members, creative contests not only help to support talented authors and their projects, but also establish connection between the architects and developers. However this aspect of competitions NAYADA has learned from its own experience: NAYADA is organizing its competition «Office Space: creativity, technologies, innovations» together with the Russian Architects' Association third year in a row.

Besides discussing competitions, the conference members (owners and managers of architectural bureaus, developer and managing companies, and senior architects) discussed the ways of the most effective realization of large commercial projects from architectural and economical point of view.

According to NAYADA representatives, taking part in the Annual developer conference is both useful and informative, for it allows all market players to discuss the latest global tendencies, present new large projects, and get acquainted with the leading specialists in the architectural industry.