NAYADA office: Lights, Camera, Action – Cut!

10 / 01 / 2013

Extended New Year holidays is a good time to watch the most vivid and warm-hearted movies, beloved by everyone. Moreover, as time goes, new movies are being added to the films traditionally broadcasted every New Year’s Day, such as The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath. Thus, two major federal TV channels have been synchronously pleasing the viewers in the first days of the new year with a New Year comedy film and its sequel – Six Degrees of Celebration and Six Degrees of Celebration 2.

Interiors of NAYADA headquarters came into action in the atmospheric holiday movie starring the revered modern Russian film actors, appearing in key scenes of the film.

NAYADA company headquarters have long been under the scrutiny of the creators of feature films. Thus, during 2012, such stars of the national cinema and show business as the main character of Six Degrees of Celebration 2 Ivan Urgant, as well as the successful duet of the film –Yuliya Menshova (The Strong Marriage) and Kamil Larin (Quartet I), were getting used to the role in that office. Stylish office at the Berezhkovskaya Embankment has been chosen by renowned masters Timur Bekmambetov and Vladimir Khotinenko as the best interior for their films, and young directors also used it for filming of their TV series, shows and commercials.

As representatives of the film industry admit, for the most part, NAYADA interiors attract them with unusual architectural and design solutions, as well as with the combination of dark colors and glass, convenient for filming, which helps to focus on the actor, emphasize the facial expressions of movie characters, being ideal for close-ups, not distracting attention to the background.

The office is also convenient for the organization of shooting. A large number of suitable meeting rooms – there are more than 10 in the office, – allow for comfortable accommodation of all major functional departments. Additional soundproofing of meeting rooms ensures the necessary silence during filming, and transparent glass walls allow for monitoring its progress at the optimal distance.

Lifting the veil of secrecy for TV audience, we note that even in the last days of the year, the NAYADA office is in the camera lens. Thus, in December of the year ended, the shooting of a new TV show and the next season of the Russian movie series was taking place in the stylish rooms of the company office. The audience will have a chance to watch them already in 2013.