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NAYADA creates interiors for the Moscow City Golf Club

05 / 08 / 2015

The Moscow City Golf Club carried out a full reconstruction of its main building. The investor in the reconstruction was Sberbank, and German Gref personally attended the opening ceremonies.

Initially, the architects of Stroyservis were given a building with a frame that was not suitable for the functional purposes of the set task. Difficulties in repurposing the building set the tone for this complicated design. The architects had to create a modern, elegant and, at the same time “not flashy” interior, with elements of the English style.

In the conference room, where Sberbank holds its meetings, we installed NAYADA-Crystal partitions in a dark-gray profile. The installed partitions feature the “Smart glass” technology. If necessary, this glass can change its optical properties – becoming opaque or completely transparent.

The doors were made to complement the glass partitions. NAYADA-Crystal all-glass partitions were installed to the full height of the partitions.

NAYADA-Fireproof glass doors, blocking the penetration of fire, were installed on the building’s stairwells.

One of the rooms has a retractable NAYADA-Hufcor partition. Depending on the activities being carried out, the design allows the transformation of the space from a few isolated meeting rooms, into one large conference hall.

“As with any project, the Golf Club project brought many new impressions, new knowledge, and new solutions. In the process, many difficulties arose, and we were not able to realize all the ideas, but still everyone is pleased with the final result. The task that the Customer set – to create a noble and elegant interior with an English-style – was successfully implemented. The classic style can be seen in the details: bright arched ceiling, columns made of artificial stone, natural stone next to a “green wall”, huge windows, and a variety of décor solutions”, said Natalya Kayftalova, project architect.