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NAYADA participated in the reconstruction of Chkalovsky Military Airport

28 / 09 / 2015

In the village of Chkalovsky in the Moscow Oblast, they completed the reconstruction of a terminal of the Chkalovsky Military Airport, which in the near future may complement the capital city’s air hub and become the fourth airport to receive flights coming to Moscow. In record time – in just 3 weeks – NAYADA successfully completed all the glazing work, installing glass on 1,700 sqm of walls and installing panels and doors of over 3,000 sqm in area.

For the glazing of halls on two floors, cafe and waiting room zones, with a total combined area of over 1,700 sqm, NAYADA used Lacobel Lacquered Colored Glass in monochrome shades, thereby creating a strict and laconic look in the interior.

The greater part of the wall decor is finished in bright (white and beige) colors. On the back surface of the glass, a layer of lacquer coating was applied. The glass protects it from damage and prevents the occurrence of fading. Coupled with the reflective properties of the Lacobel color panels, the interior of the building creates in visitors a feeling of space and lightness of the whole structure.

Having been given just 10 days to furnish two conference halls, NAYADA manufactured and installed 400 sqm of NAYADA-Regina veneered doors and partitions within that time. The total area of veneered walls and doors installed in this project surpassed 3,000 sqm.

The Chkalovsky Airport, located 30 km from Moscow, has the status of a joint air transport hub. However, due to technical reasons, it is not currently being used by civil aircraft. However, it is planned that the large-scale reconstruction of the airfield and road transport hubs, which started in 2015, will help turn it into the fourth largest international airport in the capital city in the next 3-4 years.