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NAYADA partitions and doors in the historic office of Sberbank in St. Petersburg

16 / 12 / 2015

NAYADA participated in creating the interior of a Sberbank of Russia branch at the Dumskaya Square in St. Petersburg. Initially, this was home to the St. Petersburg City Council. A little later, the Italian architect Giacomo Ferrari erected a three-story building here, the composition of which includes repeating rows of silver and a five-tier tower. The building has long housed the Children's Philharmonic, Rimsky-Korsakov Music School, and the Institute of St. Petersburg. Today it houses the North-West and St. Petersburg branches of Sberbank of Russia.

In the course of designing the interiors of the office, designers from the Yelena Krylova Studios carried out restoration of the building, in order to preserve its historical appearance. The classic style of the interior emphasizes the history of St. Petersburg.

The entire interior reflects the concept of the designer – the creation of the first historical office for a bank in St. Petersburg. For this purpose, they used stucco, columns, forged parts, leather furniture, mirrors, and marble floors. The modern accent was provided by NAYADA glass partitions and doors.

NAYADA glass partitions were used for zoning the meeting rooms, designed specifically for Sberbank. The style of the interior is successfully underlined with decorative elements made of the film, and upper profiles of partitions painted in warm white shades.

The working area has glass doors with aluminum trim. Frosted glass transmits light very well and provides privacy, which adds to the comfort of visitors. Doorframes and door profiles are painted to match the moldings.